The Steel Toad Brewing Company is housed in the beautifully restored Opsal Steel building, which has long stood as a prime example of the area’s rich industrial history.

The Opsal Steel building was built by Dominion Construction in 1918, and was originally home to the Columbia Block and Tool Company, before being taken over by the namesake of the building, Opsal Steel. Opsal produced forging and rigging equipment in the building under the OSCO brand for over half a century. Authentic photos and blueprints pulled from the company’s archives can be seen on the west walls of the building.

Over a five year period, the building was carefully disassembled, and salvageable materials such as windows and the original lumber beams were restored off site. The historic pieces were then reassembled and reinforced with modern structural elements and design. The finished building remains faithful to the original industrial design, while providing an elegant and intimate experience.